Technological innovation, the future of the global washing machine industry
Thursday, 21 Jul, 2022
Washing machines are cleaning appliances that use electrical energy to generate mechanical action to wash clothes. They are divided into household and collective use according to their rated washing capacity. In an increasingly competitive market environment, global washing machine companies are constantly exploring new technologies and new directions to meet consumer needs.

In 2016, the global washing machine market capacity was 141.5 million units. The global washing machine market demand is stable, and is divided into 5 regions according to product characteristics. Among them, the Chinese market has a capacity of 36.8 million units, the European market has a capacity of 35.294 million units, the Middle East Asia, Africa, and the ASEAN region has a market capacity of 36.842 million units, the North America market has a capacity of 18.476 million units, and the Latin American market has a capacity of 15.418 million units. The growth rate of China's washing machine market has slowed down and the product structure has been significantly upgraded. In 2017, the sales volume of washing machines in the Chinese market was stable at 36 million units with sales of 65 billion yuan. In recent years, the Chinese washing machine market has shown a clear trend of product structure adjustment, and the speed and intensity of adjustment are also second to none in the global market. The European washing machine market is very stable, and the sales share of various brands is also not wavering. BEKO, LG, SAMSUNG have gradually established their brand influence in the European market. The technology and product innovation of the American washing machine market, led by the Korean brands LG and SAMSUNG, are moving towards larger volumes, classified washing, intelligence, improved user experience, touch screen, and smart phone smart interconnection.

The clothes dryer market has huge potential and is the next outlet of the washing machine industry. First of all, the share ratios of washing machines and dryers in different countries are different in the world. North America is 1: 1, Western Europe is 1: 0.5, and the Chinese market has a dryer share of less than 0.2%. The Korean dryer market has been fast in the past two years. Variety. Looking at the changes in technology and products in the three typical regions of the global washing machine market in China, the United States and Europe in recent years, it is not difficult to see that the changes in technology and products are closely related to the development and change of local society and changes in user needs. The overall changes in the European and American markets are slow, so the speed of upgrading in technology and products lags behind the Chinese market. The Chinese washing machine market is rapidly iterating, With the large-scale R & D investment of major Chinese manufacturers in washing machines, they have played a key role in the innovation and upgrading of Chinese home appliances.