Our Team

Liming Wang
CEO of HJ Research
Brief introduction: Economics Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, also the vice-president of China Market Research Association (Big Data Research Committee). Liming Wang has more than 30 years of experience in marketing research, marketing channels, marketing advertising and IPO consulting, especially good at market research for energy, automotive, consumer electronics, communications and chemical industry. He has participated in various international seminars on many occasions, accumulated a large number of connections and experience.

Jason He
Manager of China (Mainland)
Brief introduction: Graduated from Zhejiang University, Jason He has more than 15 years of market research experience, including 5 years of experience at Boston Consulting Group. With profound academic attainments in management and economics, Jason He good at macro research, trend research and market potential research. He has participated in many meetings and trainings of American Marketing Association (AMA), The European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR) and Advertising Research Foundation (ARF).

Kogouchi Yuriko
Manager of Hong Kong
Brief introduction: Graduated from Waseda University, Kogouchi Yuriko is a highly experienced researcher, with particular strength in quantitative research for clients in the chemical and electronic industries. With more than 20 years of experience in well-known market research companies, Kogouchi Yuriko is very well placed to handle complex, customized research demands, with quietly confident in the precision of his methods and careful in managing the research team, Kogouchi Yuriko is ready to deal with projects of vast and varied proportions.

Director of the Chemicals & Materials Research Department
Brief introduction: Trent has managed research for the chemical industry for over 13 years, he graduated from the department of chemistry of HKU. He used to work with major chemical manufacturers such as Basf and utilizing a variety of methodologies, including Go-to-market, In-depth interviews, and brand investigation. His extensive experience ensures the delivery of deeper contextual insights to clients. On the rare occasions when he is not delving into the development of new entertainment offerings, Trent loves enjoying the great outdoors, and is an expert fisherman.

Director of the Electronics Research Department
Brief introduction: Graduated from Nanjing University, major in electronic information engineering. Travis is daring and good at finding value insights from the complicated data. He used to engage in non-standard automated production line design, has experience in the design of liquid crystal production line of Yaskawa and KUKA robots. He has more than 8 years of market research experience, good at considering problems from the customer's point of view. Focus on market entry research, industry research, electronics industry research experience

Director of the Equipment & Machinery Research Department
Brief introduction: Graduated from Fudan University, and also has a Master's degree of University of Bath. Natalia had been responsible for the On-site execution and management of hundreds of domestic and international key clients, and has rich experience in On-site execution and management. Natalia is familiar with machinery and manufacturing industry and has unique views on the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, has great interested in Industrial 4.0 and did a lot of research on it. In leisure time, she likes musical instruments the most.

Director of the Automotive & Transportation Research Department
Brief introduction: Albert has 6 years’ experience in Volkswagen Group and is mainly responsible for production management, he is familiar with various auto parts and auto manufacturing processes. Graduated from Beijing University of Technology, major in vehicle engineering, Albert has a deep interest in the automotive industry, he has 5 years of experience as a market research director of automotive and parts industry, he is experienced and reliable, he has also been praised by customers on many occasions.

Director of the Life Sciences Research Department
Brief introduction: James has 3 years working experience as a pharmaceutical sales representative and 5 years analysis experience in the medical securities industry. He graduated from WuHan University, major in marketing management, with about 4 years’ experience in life sciences market research, he is good at medical devices and pharmaceuticals market segmentation research, like 3D printing, robotic surgery, various anticancer drugs, gene sequencing etc. He can always provide professional insights and services to clients.

Director of the Food & Beverages Research Department
Brief introduction: Kelly has 8 years’ experience of market research experience in FMCG and Food industry. She has long been committed to the in-depth study of food, beverages, fast-moving consumer goods, maternal and child care and skin care industries, and is good at consumption pain point mining, market opportunity capture, product positioning. She is cheerful and good at creating a relaxed and accessible communication environment. She can deeply explore the psychological needs of clients and obtain valuable data. Graduated from Nanjing University, she is now taking an MBA.

Operations Manager
Brief introduction: Liz is good at dialectical analysis and thinking, and has strong organizational and coordination skills. He has served hundreds of customers and is able to understand the needs of customers in the shortest possible time, and feedback to our analysts. He has 9 years’ operational experience in famous market research company, graduated from China Media University, he has a well-thought-out thinking and has unique insights into the analysis of big data, Internet, and social media software consumer psychology.