Global pea starch market was valued at 482.26 Million US$ in 2018 and is projected to reach 629.11 Million US$ by 2024
Monday, 22 Aug, 2022
Pea starch is derived from the yellow peas which are the most common ingredient that is derived from peas. Peas contain around 40% starch which appears as a white powder and is neutral in color and taste. Native pea starch has neutral taste and color.  Because of its higher amylose content and higher gelatinization temperature relative to corn, tapioca and potato native starches, it shows excellent stability in high temperature cooking and under variances in pH levels.  It also manifests good resistance to shearing.  These are characteristics normally associated with chemically modified starches.
Pea starch now is mainly used to make food and feed. In Asia and South America, people used it to make vermicelli etc. But in Europe and North America, people use it to make feed. Besides, now, many companies use it to make health products and pet food such as Vestkorn.
Global pea starch market was valued at 482.26 Million US$ in 2018 and is projected to reach 629.11 Million US$ by 2024, at a CAGR of 4.53% during the forecast period.
Due to the rapid development of health care products industry, global pea starch market size is projected to grow at a fast pace during the forecast period. Global demand of pea starch as a gelling and stabilizing agent is a major factor driving this industry. Many nutritional benefits are associated with it such as low calories and allergen solutions. It is free from lactose and gluten. It is a good replacement for carbohydrate sources such as potato, whole peas and cereal starches. Constant innovations have been carried out by the manufacturers to launch pea starch-based products. The factor which can hamper the growth of the product in food industry is its capability of retrogradation. Pea starch offers lactose-free formulations.
As it also has the potential to evolve as mainstream pet food. It is used in non-grain pet food in combination with other starches such as potato and tapioca. The stability of the product under elevated temperatures, pressure and acidic conditions makes it suitable for processing of such as meat products, sauces and soups
Key players in global pea starch market include: Roquette, American Key Food Products, Meelunie, Emsland, Vestkorn, Shuangta Food, Cosucra, Parrheim Foods, Shandong Jianyuan Group, Yantai Oriental Protein Tech.