Global consumption of recreational vehicle is 742570 unit in 2019 and is projected to reach 1059925 unit by 2025
Wednesday, 27 Jul, 2022
A recreational vehicle is a multi-functional vehicle with temporary living and accommodation functions, as well as vehicle driving, towing, and transportation functions. The living environment of the RV should meet the requirements of sleep, diet and bathing, and at the same time be equipped with a set of convenient equipment for treating domestic wastewater, providing basic drinking water sources, domestic electricity, natural gas, hot and cold water, air conditioning and entertainment. As people's living standards are getting higher and higher, more and more people are pursuing a leisurely and free life, the RV market is growing fast.

RVs can be divided into three basic types: self-propelled RVs (self-propelled A-type RVs, self-propelled B-type RVs, self-propelled C-type RVs). Trailer RVs (Trailer Type A RV, Trailer Type B RV, Trailer Type C RV, Trailer Type D RV) and Mobile Villas. The self-propelled RV is based on a complete vehicle with an engine chassis. It also takes into account accommodation and transportation and integrates all conditions in a smart way. Trailer RVs require special motor vehicles such as cars, vans, or trucks for traction, but their size and weight meet the requirements for driving on the road, then this RV is called a towed RV. A major feature of the trailer-type RV is that it does not need to be permanently connected to the towing vehicle. Mobile villas are a special category of RVs. Unlike other RVs, mobile villas are parked in fixed locations for a long time. It is only towed by large vehicles when transforming places, and such opportunities are rare. This type of RV looks like a single-storey cottage, with fences, balconies, etc. The interior of the RV is more complete than home.

In the United States and Europe, RVs have long been a part of people's leisure travel and even life. But in developing countries, such as China, the RV market still has great development potential. Global consumption of recreational vehicle is 742570 unit in 2019 and is projected to reach 1059925 unit by 2025, at a CAGR of 6.11% during the forecast period. There are three main challenges facing the RV industry in the future:
1. High prices and not yet formed consumer concepts.
2. Incomplete basic equipment and policies in the industry
3. RV rental companies are small in scale and services cannot keep up with the pace of development

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