By 2018, the global electric vehicles battery pack industry market size has rapidly grown to 38.6 billion USD
Thursday, 21 Jul, 2022
Electric vehicles battery pack is the core energy source of new energy vehicles and provides driving power for the entire vehicle, which generally includes packaging, packaging and assembly. Electric vehicles battery pack is based on the individual needs of different models of car manufacturers' customers. It customizes the research and development and design of power battery BMS solutions, thermal management, space size, structural strength, system interfaces, IP levels, and protection. The organic combination of the modules of the power battery pack is used to ensure the safety and stability of the core energy storage device cells, and effectively improve the matching and application of the power battery system with different models of different manufacturers.

The electric vehicles battery pack is mainly composed of the body of the battery PACK through the envelope of the battery, which mainly includes the battery cell, module, electrical system, thermal management system, casing and BMS. In recent years, with the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, the power battery market has also developed rapidly. Among them, the power battery PACK market has further expanded. In 2011, as the early stage of the development of the power battery PACK industry, the market size of the global power battery PACK industry was not high, only around 3.98 billion US dollars, but by 2018, the global power battery PACK industry market size has rapidly grown to 38.6 billion USD. By region, the global power battery PACK market is mainly monopolized by Japan, South Korea, and China, and its power battery production capacity accounts for more than 95% of the world.

From the perspective of enterprises, in 2017, Japan's four large power battery PACK manufacturers accounted for 56% of the world's total; South Korea is also four power battery PACK manufacturers accounted for 18% of the global market; China's power battery PACK industry has more companies , But most of the market share is not high, the overall market share of enterprises is 23%. Japan, South Korea, and China are the three largest battery producers in the world, and Japan is an absolute leader in technology and production among the three. In the past two years, various countries have issued policies on promoting domestic new energy vehicle production, and vigorously encourage the use and development of new energy. As the main battery used in new energy vehicles, power batteries will usher in a period of golden development opportunities driven by policies. The power battery PACK industry will also get more development opportunities under the great situation of power batteries.

Key players in global electric vehicles battery pack market include: Panasonic, AESC, PEVE, LG Chem, LEJ, Samsung SDI, Hitachi, ACCUmotive, Boston Power, BYD, Lishen Battery, CATL, WanXiang, GuoXuan High-Tech, Pride Power, OptimumNano, BAK Battery etc.